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Friday, September 5, 2008

Techno-ego and screen burn-

Like so many people who know a little about something, I am subject to feeling I know more than I do. I am staring at the result of this techno-ego. I have "screen burn" on my LCD display!

In the days of CRT (cathode ray tube) displays there was a real concern for screen burn. High speed electrons were fired from behind at the surface you looked at, creating the images you could see on the screen. There was significant energy in this system, and it could eventually burn the screen.

The LCD (liquid crystal display) works a bit differently. In essence, the energy levels are lower. You can't burn the screen.

To prevent screen burn in CRT a program was created to serve as a screen saver. They became cute add-ons, and were very popular.

I found them annoying.

So, armed with my knowledge of LCD screens, I turned off the screen savers. "Don't need 'em." Yep. I knew so much!

It turns out that a single image displayed over a long time can cause a "persistence" on the screen. I am looking at one right now. I kept the same background on for a long time. Recently I thought I saw evidence of bruising or some other damage to my screen, but nobody in the family was aware of an accident. Confusing!

Just moments ago I noticed that some of the white "bruise" lines coincided with highlights on my regular background image.

Quick! Search the Internet! This is what I found! Damn! I thought I was so smart!

I have changed my background image and started a screen saver. Fortunately, the condition should be reversible.

Of course, that would eliminate my justification for getting one of those nice new 24" monitors.

Maybe this is a permanent problem! Heh!

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