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Monday, September 15, 2008

Tents 101-

Well, I am learning a bit about managing a tent. So far my experience with my Sportz II Truck Tent has been quite positive. As far as tents go, it has been comfortable and convenient. For the most part, the assembly and breakdown of the tent has been rather easy, as long as I take my time.

The only real problem I have had is with the shock cord poles for the tent opening and inside riser. The main poles (3 of them) have assembled well with minimal fuss. I have had to struggle with the pole that arches the rounded area that serves as the door.
Two of those poles have splits in sections of their fiberglass tubes. I am using the tent currently without the inside riser pole, which stretched the roof of the tent on the inside. It is not essential. That pole is serving as the arch support.
I assume that breaking these poles is rather common. So, assuming that, I also concluded that replacement parts must be available. A quick search, and I learn that they are, indeed, available. So, I must limp along with taped-up poles, until I can get to the appropriate sporting goods store.
I am not sure that the arch pole was the right length. I may experiment with some of the materials once I get some spare parts, and see if a different length would serve better. At present I will probably build another pole to serve as the arch, and use the slightly damage pole as the roof riser. I do not think the minor split on that pole will matter much.
Electrical tape does not suffice to make the split sections rigid enough to accept the stresses applied when used as arched supports for the tent. The split section still folds and the arch loses integrity. I wonder if this problem with the model II tent led to some changes in the model III? Until I get to see one, I won't know.
I do know that I have learned a bit about tents, and expect to learn more over time.
It's kind of fun.

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