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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Highway Travel Photos-

I haven't yet come up with a good way to gather highway travel photos. If I am solo traveling I can't safely be taking pictures and driving. Sure, I can stop often. I probably will. However, I really want to capture a good sampling of the highways I travel.

I haven't found a camera that is programable to allow a photo to be taken every minute or so. I actually have found devices on the Internet that allow for such photography, and I could probably cobble together something that would work. I even have ideas for mounting the camera in the passenger seat to capture the viewpoint of the passenger.

Another thought is capturing videos of the highway. Digital cameras often can take still shots and videos. This idea allows for a pretty simple system. The camera is mounted to capture the passenger's perspective, the video is started, and I would drive until I come close to the video capture limit of the camera. Then replace the video card and batteries and continue my journey.

The video idea has merits, but would require software to be able to pull good still shots from the videos. One drawback would be the real-time nature of the whole video. Most people would love to view a collection of still shots, since they can scan the collection and view them at their own pace. A video, especially several hours of travel video, might be a bit tedious.

So far I haven't determined just what I will do. I need to select the method and get the equipment together. That will require funding. I will have to make a few initial explorations to come up with a suitable system. I am sure it will evolve over time.

I have even had the idea of multiple cameras, positioned to capture images at the same time but with a different view. A camera looking forward and one looking out of the passenger window, for example.

We shall see what I come up with. Presently it is just a dream, a speculative project.

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