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Monday, September 22, 2008

People who need people-

In reading my book on getting a literary agent, I learned about writers networking. A big part of the publishing process is involvement in the writing community. It is building a network of people to aid in the writing process by reading and critiquing your work. It is doing the same for them. It is building contacts and making friends.

I find this a bit daunting. I am far from a social being, and this is very challenging. Perhaps even a bit frightening and distasteful. Frightening because it is not comfortable. Distasteful because I really do prefer a lot of solitude.

It is also a lot of work, in addition to my writing. I am having to assess the whole process, and where I might fit within it. Had I a natural need for people, a social nature, it would be easier. Perhaps even desirable. As it is, I find it troublesome.

The process of getting published through the traditional routes is long. That in itself is not the problem. Jumping into the whole culture so late in life is a big deal for me. Getting the book read, getting feedback, and rewriting. Getting it into the hands of an agent, which in itself is a large task. Getting feedback (if I am lucky) and rewriting.

The publish on demand prospect is appealing, if only because it requires less in the way of networking and such. However, it is not generally a good path for those seeking real exposure.

I would be challenged to build a website and promote my book, largely on my own. I might find some readers, but really could not expect to get the book "out there" as well as the established pipelines of publication.

Then again, publishing is changing, and these new avenues and methods are part of that change.

There is no hurry. I must remind myself that writing the book was a goal in itself. It was a tool to overcome depression. It was largely successful, and has aided me a great deal just for that reason.

To be quite honest I find the self-publishing and marketing process more interesting. Perhaps it is because I can do so much of that through the convenience of the Internet. Not to mention that I would not be compelled to face the challenge of interpersonal interaction.

Ultimately I will face the challenge of stepping out of the comfort zone of isolation. It would be better if I hungered for the fellowship, but I do not. I am concerned about investing myself in others, and having my resources committed to them.

Perhaps that is what I really need. People.

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