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Monday, September 22, 2008

More about tent poles-

I assembled my tent with the repaired poles. It went together very nicely. I took a little more time, and did each step deliberately.

The two repaired poles worked fine. The one that folds a bit funny due to mixed lengths to the sections still flexed just fine. It is doing its job right now, and doing it well.

Though this was not particularly challenging I really enjoyed learning to rebuild the poles and put them to work. It was satisfying. It is kind of like learning the art of barbecue. I have been experiencing satisfaction there, as well.

One thing I did in assembling the tent that seemed to help was to keep everything slack until I had it all up. Last week I think I had things too tight, which caused me to have to apply too much energy in flexing the poles that broke. I only tightened the various straps that hold the tent in the truck bed enough to keep things in place as I inserted the poles. I think that this allowed the whole tent to flex as I worked and prevented thing from being so tight that I had to hyperextend the poles to get them in place.

Relax. Take time to do it right.


Robyn said...

Hey is so great to see you over at my blog! Your kind words mean the world to me! And I love that you love my mystery trips! I hope to see you more! It is really lovely to see you there!

Megan said...

I always have trouble putting up the tent. Even after all these years.

Last summer my cousin just finally couldn't take it and stepped in and put it up for us.

I let him do it.