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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


This morning I awoke with an idea for a blog. It probably fell out of a dream. That in itself is scary. I may be blogging in my sleep.

I got up, and wrote part of the blog in my head while going to the bathroom. I wrote some more as I made my tea. The computer was warming up as I made my tea, and carried it back to the computer. Now, here I am.

This, by the way, is not that blog. It struck me as a bit obsessive to write like this upon awakening. I must be a blogoholic.

Is the disease dangerous? I wonder. This incident indicates that I am thinking as I sleep. Thinking leads to ideas. Blogging leads to the sharing of ideas. Ideas have toppled regimes, and altered cultures forever.

Perhaps I need to see a doctor. I will get back to you on that in a future blog.

1 comment:

La, Storyteller/Storysinger said...

As if you are the only one that has this problem.
I have stopped talking in the middle of a conversation so that I can write down a blog idea.
Fortunately, all my friends and relations think me a bit eccentric anyway.
Don't worry about it.
At least you know your brain is working.