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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Living through the night-

I have begun my shift to the nocturnal realm. I worked my first week on night shift, something I haven't done for quite some time. Much of my working life, perhaps as much or half (or more) has been spent on night shifts. The last few years I have indulged myself and remained on day shift.

I like the night. However, I am growing older, and am concerned about my ability to drive safely on the day following a night shift. It can get scary. I have more than once come awake while driving home, and been in the wrong lane. So far nothing more than fright. However, getting dead is not conducive to earning a living. Killing someone else just because I am tired is criminal.

Fortunately, I have slept well the past few days. I also have a plan in mind.

I ordered a tent that assembles in the back of my truck. I plan to use that on those mornings I know I am dangerous. I may do so rather frequently. It will be an interesting experience for me. I will try to record something on the matter from time to time.

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