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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Minimalist RV-

My tent arrived Thursday. I assembled it in the bed of my Ford Ranger truck. This tent is the Sportz II, and is really rather nice. It took me about a half-hour to get it assembled for the first time. I believe future assemblies will not take quite as long.

Once inside I was surprised by all of the space. It really will be quite adequate for my sleeping quarters. The plan is to use the tent whenever I am too tired to drive home following a night of work. I have found the commute growing more dangerous as I age, and I don't want to hurt or kill myself or anyone else.

An additional benefit will be the savings on gas. My wife, Linda, recommended I check the local camp grounds near my place of employment. The gas savings could pay for a change of location from time to time. However, the camping during the day is not the usual camping adventure, and the campgrounds may not be able to accommodate me in this.

We shall see.

This set-up can serve as a minimalist approach to recreational travel. A minimalist RV. The truck can actually carry a lot of stuff, and it is quite possible to be very comfortable through much of the year. I am exploring available options for storage and transport of gear.

A larger tent can be carried, to be set up at a camp site that will be home for a few days. There are many options. I don't know that this would be a good full-time life-style, but it could be rather pleasant for part-timing.

Again, we shall see.

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