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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Saving Private Lockridge-

A short time ago I came across two old photo albums from my Army Days. I thought about scanning the photos, just to be safe. After all, the photos were one of a kind, and thirty plus years old.

Yesterday I sat down to the take care of the task. The albums were spiral bound, with sticky pages covered by plastic sheets. Fortunately, the plastic was low-acid. Unfortunately, the sticky had been sticking so long I had a lot of trouble freeing the photos. I ended up using a chisel point carving tool to ease the photos from the binding.

It took most of the day. Pull a stack of photos. Scan the stack. Pull another stack, scan the stack. Add captions. Finally, I uploaded the album to Picasa. I will drop the album onto a CD, just to be safe. Then my memories will be intact.

That does nothing with regard to the missing album. I know I have more photos, but I can't find the album. Hopefully I will come across it soon, so that those memories will also be safe.

One thing I know for sure. I was a lousy photographer. I had a crappy camera. Remember the Kodak 110 pocket cameras? That camera, combined with a lack of skill and no concept of composition gives you my few recorded memories.

We really should learn some things in school. Basic cooking. Basic sewing. Cleaning, both theory and practice. How to balance a check book. And how to take something other than crappy snap shots.

Oh, well. I can't change the past. I do think I need a better camera than that, though. These new digital cameras, even the most basic, allow you to take a lot of pictures. And copy them!

Volume may make up the difference between skill and luck. Take enough photos, one will probably be good! Keep that one. Copy it. Upload it. Share it.

Delete the others.

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