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Monday, July 21, 2008

Movies I Have Almost Seen-

Working in a jail presents numerous hazards. One you might not imagine is premature movie exposure.

When assigned to a dormatory unit, we are locked in with the inmates. This is called direct supervision. It is a system that has many benefits, and surprisingly few risks. However, for me the big danger is premature movie exposure.

The inmates spend a lot of time watching television. I really don't enjoy a lot of the stuff they watch. Hell Date is a form of torture. Who wants to watch someone else go on a date, much less one rigged to be unpleasant? I really don't get it.

My job is not to watch movies with the inmates. However, when they watch movies, I see bits of the movie as a part of supervising. This is rather problematic when they are watching a movie I want to see, but haven't seen yet. Now I am exposed to the movie, and must make an effort not to watch and spoil it for myself.

Premature movie exposure. Quite a number of movies have been spoiled for me as a consequence of my career choice.

Nobody said it would be easy.

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