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Friday, July 25, 2008

Less is More-

I am fascinated by small houses. Not that I am anxious to live in less than a hundred square feet. Still, I am fascinated with the idea of simplification and less.

Bigger is more expensive. More space draws more stuff. All of that requires maintenance. That draws on available resources, including time. Bigger-and-more threatens to suck away resources and doesn't always give good value.

I am more interested in exploring enough.

In a small house one can focus on quality. One can focus on details.

A small house also has a greater potential to exist off of the grid. Greater independence and self-containment.

Not a return to a "simpler age." The knowledge of those ages past should be used, but we have technologies and materials now that can offer a comfortable simple life that is largely self-contained.

I wonder if Tioga George realizes that he may well be a pioneer of a new era?

I can see families building little homes on a plot of land. The little houses are for each family member, attached temporarily to a central deck or patio. Life is lived largely outdoors, with such adaptations as are necessary for weather and comfort. The whole thing is powered by alternative energy sources. Solar panels, wind generators, and composting or incinerating toilets.

A child grows up, and moves away. Taking their little house with them! Power source and waste disposal gear and all!

Having little space would discourage consumerism. What kind of culture could replace our more-is-better culture?

I really don't know. I do know that the less-is-more appeals to me. Less to maintain. Less to move. A life of semi-permanence. No permanent foundations for movable homes. No permanent links to power lines and sewers.

The present level of technology in our culture is sufficient to make it all happen.

Will it happen? I can't predict that. I can see it happening here and there, as individuals cut their ties with the common culture and take advantage of the resources now available. I don't know if it will become common.

At this point, it is something to think about. Something to share and talk about.

That's why I dropped the idea here.

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