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Thursday, July 10, 2008

My writing therapy-

It works for me. I wrote two very short stories today. I find writing to be more uplifting than just about anything else I do. Even better than World of Warcraft. I continue to play World of Warcraft regularly, but focus on writing to energize my life.

The writing involves creativity and imagination. There are very few limits when it comes to creating a very short story. Usually just a little idea. So far the ideas come rather readily. I have not yet found the time to just grab some object and write about it. Perhaps, if my blog becomes popular enough I can request photos of objects, and write about them.

One commercial application I have considered is writing very short stories for a fee. A tale centered around a particular person, place or thing, written to order to a customer's specifications. How to market such a venture remains a challenge. Still, it is quite appealing. How pleasant it would be to get paid to do something I like.

Writing helps me avoid the depths of despair that can come upon me when I am overcome by tedium and the unrewarding sameness of my career. Though the job has provided much, it does not fulfill the part of my being enriched through my writing. Games help me escape, but writing adds to my life.

I can hardly wait to see what I write about next.

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