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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Writers on the Internet-

I have found some very good writing on the Internet. Of course, I have also seen plenty of gamr speak and txt spk. What is truly surprising is the amount of really good writing. Technically good. Creatively good. Sound communication and plenty of prosey spice. Well seasoned sentences, and melt-in-your-mouth paragraphs.

As is my wont, I took a moment to think on this.

Gamr and txt spk arise from limits of time and tools. The standard phone keyboard is not adequate for extended typing. Even the thumb boards are not a huge improvement, though they do make chronic texting somewhat more practical. Gamers just don't have the time to type while evading incoming fire and slashing zombies.

Bloggers, however, are blogging because they have something to say. Most love to write, as well. Why choose a written medium unless you like writing?

Vloggers are not always writers, though I think the better ones must write their scripts and practice their deliveries. Others are adept ramblers. Most are at least interested enough in communicating to think a bit before pontificating.

A lot of bloggers can write, and write well. That is good news for the logophile. The language is not dying, and literacy is not in danger. Well, not that much danger. Maybe a little danger.

Now, I think I will go curl up with a good blog.


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