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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Playing with your food-

OK. OK. So, I was looking into Legos as a tool to manage my boredom at work. I know, poor baby. Bored at work. However, the stress of boredom (and boredom really is stressful) can impact my ability to continue this often mindless job for the next few years.

Anyway, the Legos were for those times when I had written all I could manage, done as much research and such as possible during inmate down-time. They really aren't all trying to escape or fighting all of the time. Watching them watch television is tedious. Managing the stress of that tedium is a necessary technique for doing the job.

Especially after over eighteen years.

So, I looked at Legos as an eye-hand exercise, with a creative element. I plan to experiment with them in the near future. Sets of blocks come in handy containers. I think that it will be better than standing on the chair, gibbering and shouting obsenities.

Of course some administrators who have never done the job, or did the job so long ago they don't remember how it really is, might think this unprofessional. Perhaps so. However, I am running out of resources for keeping my mind sound enough to do the job. Should they object to this technique, I will have to begin using my massive collection of sick time and vacation.

It will be cheaper to let me play with toys now and then.

On to the subject at hand. I also looked into macaroni art. You know, the kids paste up projects using pasta. I was not particularly surprised to find that some serious artists are playing with food.

Pasta has so many forms. Consider the many textures and shapes. All of those possibilities just scream for artful applications. Oh, yes! Food begs to be played with!

Actually, I will probably stick with the Lego idea. More resiliant. Better packaged. Reusable.

Ah, but pasta! I may have found a whole new hobby!

1 comment:

Beth said...

We can fill a cup up out of Wyatt's lego bucket for you.